Papaya Soap contains an enzyme called “papain,” also known as “papaya proteinase”, that breaks down certain proteins in the skin. It dissolves the dead skin cells on the surface of your face, making it useful as an exfoliant that reveals your newer, healthier skin cells. Papain has also been used to remove the outer layer of skin from wounds and ulcers and, with regular use, Papaya Soap could fade the appearance of scars over time. By the same principle, it could also slightly lighten dark spots and freckles.



  • 21/2 Cups of Castile soap 
  • ½ Cup Papaya Puree
  • 3 Cups of Distilled Water
  • 2 Cups of Castor Oil 
  • 2 Vitamin E Capsule
  • Colour (Optional)


  1. Grate castile soap.
  2. Add in distilled water
  3. Add Papaya Puree.
  4. Add Vitamin E Capsule. 
  5. Melt the mixture in a double-boiler.
  6. Pour it into a mold.
  7. Let it set for about 48 hours.
  8. Remove it from the mold and slice it into desired sizes.
  9. Let it cure in a ventilated place for two to three weeks.

This soap method is fast and simple and it does not require you to handle lye. 


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