We don’t need to tell you lavender enjoying serious hype in the world of welfare. If you don’t like the smell (or it reminds you of your grandmother), we hear you – but there is a reason to remain very popular for several generations. It is soothing, entertaining, and really changes the game on your welfare toolkit, this is why we like it.




Lavender has become a destination in essential oils for anxiety, and blessings, well, are many years of anecdotal evidence, and more scientific studies to support this. It has been proven to reduce your heart rate which in turn slows down your breathing, immediately interferes with your battle response or flight (parasympathetic nervous system), and eliminates the anxiety symptoms. For days when we all need a little help to slap anxiety, you can do far worse than lavender.



Lavender is naturally antiseptic (more later) which makes it friendly to damaged skin, but not only clean, it has proven to really accelerate the healing of wounds and scars. It also has the potential to reduce pain as well – all-around healing forces.



The big one. You cannot talk about lavender without mentioning the causes given the actual status, and that is sleeping. Nothing affects the appearance and feels more than the quality of your sleep, so invest in a routine that works very commensurate with your time, whether it is bathing one hour before bedtime, candles with drowsiness, a mixture of soothing essential oils in your pod or even only a few Stretching, journal or meditation to calm the mind. And to provide routine is encouragement? Not only decreases your heart rate (immediately relaxed) but is also proven to reduce skin temperature, which is important to nod. And when you are in the nod, you will be more likely to stay soundly sleeping and refreshing.

We combined lavender with sweet jasmine and basil (two heroes who raised sleep) in the scent of the sleeping night because it really worked. But because we know that not everyone likes it, we just have to make a hero before going to sleep with chamomile too, this is how to choose which one for you.



One of the things that makes it a good cure is that lavender naturally antiseptic, which means great in combating bacteria that cause acne (and has proven effective). Yes, it is oil on your skin, but non-clastogenic lavender so it will not clog pores and make the problem area worse. If acne is a concern, try facial oil with lavender in it for a natural alternative to hard chemicals – only one way to exchange naturally to your day. This is also packed with antioxidants so that it helps protect you from skin stressors that cause signs of aging that do not want to be seen.



In addition to protecting against bacteria, lavender is naturally antifungal making it a natural remedy that is very effective in treating skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. If you want to move to more natural medicine for your skin problems, find specialist products that contain lavender for effective results quickly.



Having effective protection against inflammation is one of the best ways for our body to remain healthy and be able to cure stress, fast.



Thanks to its calming scent, lavender oil can be helpful in treating headaches, emotional stress, and depression.

Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils in the treatment of acne, too. It has antifungal properties so it is used to treat different inflammatory conditions such as acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, and so on.


  • Lavender buds  
  • Grain alcohol  
  • A mortar and pestle  
  • Coffee filters  



  1. Put the lavender into the mortar; use the pestle to crush the buds in order to release the oil.
  2. Now, transfer the crushed lavender buds to the glass jar; now cover it with grain alcohol.
  3. Allow the jar to sit in a sunny spot. Shake the jar several times a day, for a few days.
  4. Next, strain the liquid from the lavender buds using another jar and coffee filters.


Quick Tips:

Try a few drops of lavender oil or a mixture of perfect night sleep oil on pajamas and linen beds for the extra urge to your sleep routine.

If you have a welfare pod, set the timer for an hour like when you go up to the bed, so that filling the room when you fall asleep.

Mix lavender oil with your favorite operator oil for a massage treatment that will not clog pores.

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