An insecticide is a precious, and regularly, important way to preserve pests and insects from your garden and from harming your plant life. Insecticides are used to kill insects such as mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, ants etc. At the same time as those chemical compounds are essential to assist preserve your lawn free of pests, they can also be very harmful. Making your very own insecticide is easily accomplished with objects that you use around your home. You do no longer need a variety of specialised gadget or elements to make a powerful, and effective insecticide. Below is a brief process to make yours.


  • 50cl of D.D. Force, Snipper or Mulvup
  • 150cl of Kerosene
  • 400g of Industrial Camphor
  • Perfume (optional)


  1. Pour Kerosene in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add D.D. Force, Snipper or Mulvap and mix.
  3. Add Industrial Camphor and mix.
  4. Add Perfume (As desired).
  5. Mix all together vigorously.

Note: D.D Force, Snipper and Mulvup are same thing, you can use any of them.


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