Orange oil comes from the fruit of the citrus sinensi orange plant. Sometimes also called “sweet orange oil,” it’s derived from the outer peel of the common orange fruit, which has been highly sought after for centuries because of its immune-boosting effects.

It’s added to many beauty products like lotion, shampoo, acne treatments, and mouthwash since it has antibacterial properties and a strong, fresh scent. In your home, you’ve likely got some furniture spray and kitchen or bathroom cleaners that also contain orange essential oil. The oil is also commonly used as an approved flavor enhancer in drinks, such as fruit juices or sodas, although there are many more natural ways to obtain its benefits..


  1. Peel orange skin into a pot.
  2. Pour olive or coconut oil enough to cover the peels.
  3. Leave to boil (hot process) or leave to infuse for 3 days (cold process).
  4. Once the infusion process is complete, pour the orange peel and oil mixture through a cheesecloth and strain.
  5. Reserve the oil and compost the peels.
  6. Store the oil in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Note: If you have a crock pot, you can use to infuse the oil and set at a low temperature.

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