Turmeric has a long history as a medicine, spice and colouring agent, and turmeric essential oil is an extremely impressive natural health agent that has some of the most promising anticancer effects around. This isn’t surprising when you consider the fact that turmeric has at least 20 molecules that are antibiotic, 14 that are known cancer preventatives, 12 that are anti-tumour, 12 that are anti-inflammatory and there are at least 10 different antioxidants in turmeric. Its benefits also come from its health-promoting vitamins, phenols and other alkaloids.

Just like turmeric powder, turmeric oil is also anti-allergic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiviral and anti-worm. It’s also a strong relaxant and balancer.


1. Skin Care

Turmeric and coconut oil, are both antifungals that reduce pimples. Regular massage before showering or at bedtime is known to reduce facial hair, and delay ageing making skin smooth and flawless. You can add a drop of oil to your hot water shower and even to the face packs. Regular body massage before showering reduces body hair; battles back acne, and pampers skin providing a fair complexion.

2. Baby Oil

This is one of the best baby massage oil for newborns. We usually go for the branded baby oils that claim to be pure but are really not. This turmeric oil massage for babies prevents skin rashes and any kind of allergies usually found in infants.

3. Postpartum Care

Turmeric oil behaves as a medicinal oil for mothers undergoing postpartum care or a confinement period of 48 days or 3 months just after childbirth. Immediately after childbirth, both mother and the newborn baby have a tender body which is rejuvenated by massage oils. Turmeric oil is the best oil for nursing mothers which helps skin to go back to its normal state preventing skin infections. It is also known that the oil is very efficient for vaginal infections found in all ages of females.

4. Insect Bites

The oil is the best remedy for insects or mosquito bites causing heavy swelling in small children. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of turmeric and the cooling effects of coconut oil reduce itchiness and swelling calming down skin burns.

5. Anti Inflammatory

A compound of turmeric roots alpha-curcumin (a Sesquiterpene hydrocarbon) is the main component which acts as an anti-inflammatory and also relieves pain. It is also known to be very helpful in joint care and arthritis.

6. Respiratory Disorders

Turmeric is known for reducing mucous secretion thereby reducing respiratory infections, the common cold and asthma. Add a few drops of turmeric essential oil to the vaporizer and inhale the vapours; it is very effective in killing the entire germs causing diseases.

7. Digestive Problems

Indian food always includes turmeric which is not just for colour and flavour. Turmeric is known to assist the digestive system, helps remove toxins, ulcers, and bowel irritations lowers cholesterol levels and diabetes and reduce gastric troubles.  Turmeric essential oil can be taken diluted and taken along with water. For the dosage depending on your body type and condition a prescription from a doctor is always safe.

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