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  • 29 May 2019



  • 1tsp beeswax
  • 1tsp shea butter/mango/almond/avocado butter (any of choice) This helps the lipstick roll on smoothly.
  • 1tsp almond oil,
  • 1tsp jojoba or olive oil
  • Choose a lipstick color (beetroot powder, cinnamon, turmeric or cocoa powder.


  1. Put the base in a double boiler until melted
  2. Add 1/4tsp of natural powder you want.
  3. Stir the powder into the base mixture and continue adding more until satisfied with the color.
  4. Pour the mixture into containers.
  5. You can also use an old lipstick tube. put in the fridge to harden before using.
  • commenter
    Paul 26 Jul 2019

    the process is not very clear and there are no quantities or percentages of ingredients. some ingredients listed are not specified in the process which confuses the reader. please provide me with a clear procedure of manufacturing.

    • commenter
      Admin 27 Jul 2019

      Paul, you definitely didn't read this post well. There is no post on this blog without ingredient quantity and detailed explanation. Read again and again till you understand whats above

  • commenter
    Shami 14 Sep 2019

    How long does this last? Does the prepared base need to be in the fridge at all times?

  • commenter
    Opeyemi 24 Dec 2019

    Does the base stands for the beewax, shea butter and the oils . And secondly, the natural powder, does it stand for the beetroot, turmeric or cocoa butter. Just for confirmation please.

    • commenter
      Admin 06 Feb 2020

      Yes, you are right

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